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Most of our staff can be contacted via email. These email addresses are listed on the “Staff” section on the About the journal page.

You can contact Barry Clemson, our coordinator, at:


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  1. Thorbjoern Mann / Jan 17 2013

    Gene, in response to previous exchanges: I have now finished work on the piece on Helene’s big STW discussion. As you know, it was originally intended as a kind of summary of the entire group’s effort — which turned out too ambitious give the scan cooperation it received, like the other similar efforts. So I had to trim it down to essentially just my own perspective on the experience — reducing e.g. the detailed examples in the appendix to mostly my own ideas and suggestions. Even so, it grew to considerable length. But given the effort invested and the insights I got from the experience, I feel that some account of it should be articulated somewhere, and since it came out of the STW discussion, its proper ‘home’ is STW. So if you are still interested in this thing for the journal, please let me know. I currently have it in half a dozen separate .docx pieces that I can send as email attachments — unfortunately not formatted according to the STW journal guidelines. I may try to put the pieces on my blog; my webpage is still under ‘remodeling’; there are too many different things I want to put on it, so procrastination has taken over.
    Looking forward to hear from you
    Thorbjoern Mann

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